Some of you may be aware of a recent flap over one of my New Yorker cartoons, which incited the ire of some folks over at Facebook, where the depiction of a woman’s nipples (Eve, in the garden of Eden) caused them to ban the NYer Facebook page for 24 hours. The cartoon that caused the banning showed a naked Adam and Eve, both with exposed nipples, which were represented in cartoon code by two strategically-placed dots. Dots!

(The many nipples displayed in the tree above them were apparently overlooked.)

Gosh, I feel just terrible about all this and am currently seeking therapy . It’s not going to be easy to shake my indecent urge to draw dots, but I’m trying!





  1. Maggie Lynn "worst case scenario" Griggs says:

    Didn’t I hear that they are having a wet-tee shirts dot-off on the tarmac at the Refinery, when Worst-Case-Scenario gets back into town next week?

    Heard last year they had to call in the St. Aug PD cause the dots got so hot n’ heavy, even with the sprinklers running to cool down the geezer pervs that hang time at the pool every day.

    Whatz a dot to do?

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