A Fine Mess of Music Cartoons

When I’m not doodling for the New Yorker or other fine publications everywhere, I’m playing music. I also do a semi-weekly newsletter for our band here in Saint Augustine (The Mood). For a while now, I’ve been including cartoons in the newsletter which relate to jazz and performing music in clubs, etc. I have an album of them on our Facebook Page. (So far, no-one there has decided that my drawings contain anything that conflicts with their high standards of decency.) You can see the album here. Enjoy!


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  1. Mick, I saw a comment on FB about you playing sax at an opening, and I got curious…I’ve been playing sax since forever, and I was hoping you were still in New England, where now I am. Apparently you are in NE Fla in a mighty pretty town if I infer correctly. So chances are slim we will make that particular gig but we do go to the hot flat stste now and then. I have some particular fondness for the honky tonk area by old town as it reminded me of Provincetown with palms. Perhaps I will look at your newsletter later and get hip.
    Gary old mother Hallgren

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