About Mick

“I began drawing while still a tiny person in Lake Grove, Oregon, and have continued to do so, even in the face of overwhelming evidence of the unlikelyhood of making a living. My first drawing was accepted at The New Yorker in 1979. I immediately moved from San Francisco, where I’d been experimenting with alternative lifestyles and underground comics, to New York. There, I gradually began selling more cartoons and ideas to The New Yorker and eventually received a contract with the magazine.

My work has also appeared in other publications, among them The Harvard Business Review, Barron’s, The National Law Journal, and USA Weekend. Books published include If Ducks Carried Guns, Things Not To Do Today, and A Mystery, Wrapped in An Enigma, Served On a Bed of Lettuce.

I’m currently living in St. Augustine, Florida, USA.” — Mick Stevens

For more about Mick, go to www.cartoonbank.com


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