And Now The Moment…

The moment few seem to be waiting for:
The judges here at the
You Really Should Be Drawing
Reverse Caption Contest,
after much hand-wringing, head-scratching, and shady inside deal-making, have reached a decision.

And the Winner is….

Michael Shaw!


“The chicken or the egg?”


Michael’s drawing was selected based on the following attributes:

• Nice God Drawing
• Interesting Chair Treatment
• Economy of Line
• EZ Cloud Treatment
(Which I know at least one of the Judges is contemplating stealing for use in his own future God cartoon)

The selection of Mr. Shaw’s drawing was also helped along considerably by the fact that it was the only one received. This in no way diminishes its value, however.
The Judges and the Kaption King wish to express our sincere gratitude.
Thankyou, Michael!


One comment

  1. shaw says:

    Thank you, sir. If you ever get a chance, repeat exactly what you said to Mr.Remnick. (There’s a fiver in for you!)

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