Aterlife Batch Dispatch

Howard, here…

Even though I’m no longer dead, I still want desparately to get published. I’ve been thinking up cartoon ideas ever since my untimely arrival here in the Afterlife.

One of the things about the Afterlife is the lack of drawing and writing supplies. Everybody communicates telepathically here, so there’s no need for pencils, pens, or paper. As a result, I have to work through living cartoonists in order to get my ideas drawn for earthly audiences. I had Mr. Stevens draw up a batch once and send it off, but no one got back to me. I really don’t understand it, because those cartoons represented some of my best post-life work. Everyone around here liked them, although everyone here has to be exceedingly kind to one another by Law, so maybe it doesn’t mean much that they said they liked my work. All the same, I was surprised when my work was ignored on Earth. I got very depressed and almost killed myself until I remembered I was already dead.


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