Away, Again…

IRSBD is off again, taking another of its periodic trips in search of cartoon news and events of interest to you, our treasured reader(s). You may recall our previous trips to Rome (Where we unfortunately failed in our attempts to interview the Pope and suss out his views on magazine cartooning) and our recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard (Where we spotted Jules Feiffer in his garden and Paul Karasik in the surf.)

We find we still have enough money in our travel budget for another trip, this one to Denver, Colorado, where rumor has it one of the giants of New Yorker Magazine cartooning is visiting for a few days. We speak of the esteemed Jack Ziegler, with whom we hope to exchange important information on the state and fate of our profession, as well as the merits of the local cuisine and drink. We will return in a week or so with our report.

Until then…


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