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The Batch Club


I have started a new project called The Batch Club. Every month I post 10 cartoons and ask people to vote for their favorite and/or write comments. The cartoons are all available as high-quality prints and the originals are also offered for sale. The drawings that get the most votes each month are available at a discount.

You don’t have to buy anything, of course, so just peruse the drawings if you like and let me know what you think.

Here’s the link: thebatchclub.com

See you there!


I’m Not Charlie, But…

I care. When this kind of violence and stupidity claim innocent lives, cartoonist’s or others, it’s beyond horrible, and until last week, beyond belief… Here are a couple of cartoons I’ve done in response to the tragedy, to add my voice and pen to all the other artist’s reactions…150119-Careful. He's Got a Pen. (G)90



150118-Know Your Enemy (G)90


The Lobster Theory

The Lobster Theory, a new musical instruction book by Greg Fishman featuring my cartoons is out after two years of work.

Lobster Theory Cover Graphic

Greg’s a great teacher and even managed to get some theory inserted into my cartoon-stuffed brain. I learned a lot of new things about playing saxophone (And drawing alligators) while working with him on this project. If you’re a budding or even a practicing musician, on sax, piano, guitar or another instrument, whether you’re a youngster or a geezer like myself, this book will open your eyes and ears, hopefully with a few giggles along the way.

You can order the book at Greg’s website: http://www.lobstertheory.com




Back to the Batch

My last Daily Cartoon is up today on the New Yorker website. What I thought would be a 3 to 4 week gig turned out to last 10. By the time Week 5 rolled around, I started to get the hang of doing a daily cartoon, based for the most part on current events, which means most of the drawings were only relevant for the 24 hours they were up on the site before the next one came along. The news fed me some nice stuff and some not so nice, as in gun madness and another war in Iraq. It was hard to make light of events that were so deadly serious, and the results weren’t cartoons one would laugh at so much as ones that people were more likely to nod in agreement with. I’ve enjoyed doing the Daily and am a little sad to have to let it go.


Best of luck to the next Daily person. May the headlines be good to you!

Now back to the weekly batch, which I never abandoned during my 10 weeks on the Daily job, but which I can now give my undivided attention.


One more… (4/18)

One more for you here, then I’ll let everyone go to the source (www.newyorker.com) if you want to see upcoming Dailies.

No explanation is necessary for this one. We all know the planet’s in Big Trouble and according to some isn’t likely to survive much longer. Still, we can go out laughing, (Or at least with the hint of a brave smile on our  lips).

140415-Arctic Ice Sheet



Yet Another Daily Cartoon (4-17)

The T.S.A. until recently had a policy of watching travelers for “suspicious” behaviors, including things like sweating, fidgeting, and blinking. Eventually they decided to abandon this policy (Though who knows what other goofy forms of surveillance they might still be using).