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A Song for the Season

Jingle Bell

(Sung to the Tune of “Jingle Bells”)

Jingle bell, jingle bell
Only one this year
Oh what a mess
The economy’s in
Trashing our good cheer

Jingle bell, jingle bell
We can’t afford a set
One little bell
Will have to tell
Our Christmas storyette


Our trusted banker’s greed
To see his profits grow
Our loyal broker’s need
To make a lot of dough

Made us all feel rich
Until the bill came due
It really is a bitch
To see it wasn’t true


Jingle bell, jingle bell
Sing your little song
We all thought we had it made
But I guess we had it wrong


Merry Christmas All The Same!

From the I Really Should Be Drawing Staff
(That would be me and my dog, Bugs)