IRSBD just found a stash of new, must-have apps for your iPhone! Wow!

Happy iPhone

Takes a picture of your iphone so you can gaze lovingly at it while on trips away from home. (Requires the purchase of a second iphone). $.25

Read other people’s minds! Find out what your friends really think of you! Find out what your enemies think of you! Become a whiz at chess! You want this app! (We know, because we’re reading your mind right now!) $.99

Just like Superman! What’s in that box under the Christmas Tree? What does your boss look like naked? What is Victoria’s Secret? All this and more for $2.99!

Ever wanted to save the world? Reform the health care system?  Be President of the United States? Now you can with YesiCan! $408,658,011.99

Turns your iphone into a washer/dryer combination! Wash all your virtual clothes in real time. Realistic graphics of washer/dryer window and audio of sloshing and whirling washer/dryer noises. $1.98

My15Minutes Lite
Like it says, only you get your fifteen minutes divided into easy-to-manage segments. One minute at a time, or three, or any other way you want it, making it easier to plan your success at any aspect of your previously drab life. Free.

My15Minutes Pro
Has the same features as My15Minutes Lite with additional features for the serious celebrity-wannabe, including suggested catchy one word pseudonyms, global celeb hotspots map and airline schedules, scandal kit, and outrageous hair treatments guide. $562.60.

Emits foul odors and rude noises to repel unwanted people at parties, at the front door, or traffic stops. Works with salespeople, religious fanatics, politicians, stalkers. $11.95

Choose from hundreds of philosophies, religious disciplines, and pie-in-the-sky advertising claims. You can believe anything under the right circumstances. $2.00

Ask God for anything! Get a response within two minutes. New technology allows access to many different deities, depending on which one you choose to believe in. From the same developers who brought you iBleve. Another $2.00

Why should you have to wait until the moment of death to review your existence on Earth? With MiLife, your life can flash before your eyes in a millisecond whenever you want. Plus, you can edit out embarrassing or incriminating moments and show only the high points! $3.99

WhoZat? connects with any other iPhone within a 50 mile radius to reveal the owner’s name, address, phone number, email address, and personal information. Great at parties when you can’t remember someone’s name, or for stealing identities! $129.99

Essentially the pro version of WhoZat, with extra features: Currency Exchange Rates, Extortion Tips, iBlackmail feature. $2,000,000 in unmarked bills.

Brownie recipes to die for! All with that mysterious “secret ingredient” Alice loved so much. It’s totally free, man.

Why did you buy this? What good is it? What were you thinking?

iWonder? Pro
Virtually the same exact app as iWonder?, only much more expensive. $124.95

Tired of being clueless? Hundreds of clues to the little mysteries of life, like why you get laughed at or shunned by the opposite sex or people with different political beliefs, etc. $12.99

The Meaning of iLife!
Sure, it’s expensive, but worth every penny! How much does it cost? Hey, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.


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