Monday, Monday…


It’s Monday. I’m looking at my current batch of ten “rough roughs” this morning, which with luck by the end of the day will be full-fledged rough drawings which I’ll then send off to The Magazine (The New Yorker) for their consideration. The mysterious process of selection there starts with Bob Mankoff, the cartoon editor, and goes God knows where after that. It all ends in David Remnick’s office, according to legend, where the final selections are made each week by David and Bob. I get the news regarding OKs (Sales) via email these days, usually on Thursdays. If I haven’t sold, I don’t get an email at all, which makes me a little harder to get along with for a day or so. If I do get an OK (or more than one, in some cases) I do up a finished drawiing in ink and wash and FedEx it to the magazine. Either way, I start working on the next week’s batch of rough roughs by Tuesday, unless I’m procrastinating or writing in my blog or practicing the saxophone.

This is the weekly routine, which has gone along pretty much the same way over a period of many years.

In my blog I plan to share with those interested a bit of NYer cartooning history and some of my own, including an occasional cartoon.

Right now, I really should be drawing.


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