So You Want to be a New Yorker Cartoonist?

This could be an exciting new career path for you! Turn that crazy dream into a reality, maybe. Why not give it a try?

There are a lot of cartoonists already there, though. Think of cartoonists at the Magazine as a handful of survivors of a tragedy at sea, floating along in an over-crowded lifeboat in an ocean of rejected drawings inhabited by ferocious and hungry denizens of the deep, like landlords and mortgage companies.

On second thought, forget it. There are already too many people in this lifeboat. We don’t have enough cash or coffee to keep everyone alive as it is. Just yesterday, we had cut off one guy’s gangrenous drawing finger. Without anesthetic! We didn’t have any brandy aboard so somebody gave him a soggy old joint they discovered in a shirt pocket. It seemed to calm him down a little, even though we couldn’t get it lit. The operation was a success, but the patient passed out. Then, sometime during the night the poor sap slipped overboard. Or maybe he was pushed. Who knows?

I understand there are some wonderful opportunities available in the poetry field.


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