The 12 Days (Or More) of Christmas

Oh, no! Christmas again!
This means, for some of us, an unwanted vacation. No batch of funny pictures for a while. No weekly cycle of creation, submission, rejection or acceptance, (or checks in the mail).
Christmas is so cruel!

It’s during this time, surrounded by the constant reminders of the season, that Christmas ideas often come, too late for submission to the magazine, which requires a few weeks lead-time for seasonal cartoons, so these ideas become next year’s Christmas cartoon ideas and get buried in the idea-box for another 10 or 12 months. Ideas tend to lose their potency if they hang around that long, like vitamins or old men. By the time next Christmas comes around, last year’s jolly Santas have grown thin and listless, their beards long and shaggy. They start to smell bad. Take this guy, for example:

It’s just a damned shame we have to suffer through this Christmas thing every year. There’s nothing for it, I suppose, but to just give in and try to enjoy ourselves. Maybe I’ll go shopping or something.
(Only 21 shopping days left before the next art meeting!)

Oh, what the hell…

Merry Christmas to You All!


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