The Lobster Theory

The Lobster Theory, a new musical instruction book by Greg Fishman featuring my cartoons is out after two years of work.

Lobster Theory Cover Graphic

Greg’s a great teacher and even managed to get some theory inserted into my cartoon-stuffed brain. I learned a lot of new things about playing saxophone (And drawing alligators) while working with him on this project. If you’re a budding or even a practicing musician, on sax, piano, guitar or another instrument, whether you’re a youngster or a geezer like myself, this book will open your eyes and ears, hopefully with a few giggles along the way.

You can order the book at Greg’s website:






  1. MStevens says:


    The book isn’t available online at this point, but the ebook version will be coming out eventually. Meanwhile the only way to see the book is to purchase the printed version.


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