The Rubble Report

Buster B. Maybe
Editor and Publisher
Scuba Du Magazine

J. Wilton Damply
Zero Vista Hotel
Melanoma Islands

Dear Mr. Maybe,

As you no doubt recall, you hired me some months ago to produce a feature for Scuba Du on the subject of Rubble Island and its underwater environs. In good faith, I traveled here at my own expense and proceeded to explore the island and its various lagoons and bays. The project is complete. The results of my underwater investigations are enclosed.

Because I expected payment from Scuba Du but haven’t yet received it, I find myself in difficult circumstances here in regards to payment for my accommodations and travel, not to mention a sizeable bar bill, an entirely justifiable entertainment expense incurred in the process of doing business in this corner of the world. There were also significant outlays for sunblock, cigars, and tropical shirts.

I haven’t heard from you for some while and am becoming a bit alarmed. The proprietor of my hotel has threatened to evict me unless payment is received soon for his services and I am at this time unable to finance my return. Please reply as soon as possible.


J. Wilton Damply


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