The Speaking Dead!

Those lazy, good-for-nothing judges finally picked the tombstone drawings for the latest contest just before I kicked them out of the house for good. You really don’t know celebrity judges until you’ve had to live with a bunch of them. They left the place a mess, which I’ve been busy cleaning up for the last month or so, resulting in a long lag time between the last entry and this one.

Below are views from the promised in-blog graveyard, with stones contributed from a few of my loyal readers.

First a bunch from James Grasdal
(Who I suspect may be related to one of the judges, since he’s so well represented)

One from William Leary
(A gardening maniac)

And a couple from Rusty Springfield
(Who usually writes music)

And finally, an actual photo from Ira Fader
(Death imitates Art!)

Thanks to All!



  1. James Grasdal says:

    Thanks again, Mick. I didn’t think I’d get that many in. I was hoping maybe one might make it but this works nicely too. Where do I send that manila envelope full of 20’s?

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