They Call it Wednesday

Not at all like those Wednesdays I spoke of back when I used to hang out with the cartoonists in NYC. Much less exciting now that I’m not going in to the magazine every week. I used to get all worked up, anticipating events at the magazine and the lunch we often had afterward. Usually a bunch of us would descend on a midtown restaurant and get a big table. We’d trade stories and sometimes show our batches to one another to get some feedback. I was amazed by some of my hero’s weekly roughs. Unbelievably to me at the time, not all of their drawings were outrageously funny, though I couldn’t help but notice how good the good ones were. It was an honor and a treat to see their work, bad or good, and a kind of nervous pleasure to show mine. I got a laugh or two sometimes, and also good advice: “Change that nun into a penguin”, or something, which would transform the cartoon, changing it from a dud to a winner.


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  1. MM says:

    Hey Mick — loving your blog. So…who were some of the folks who went to Wednesday lunches? Can you name some names?

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