We’re Outa Here

IRSBD is slipping away for a little while to a small, undiscovered island we’ve heard about called Martha’s Vineyard. It’s supposed to be charming and completely unspoiled, except for the McBungalows erected there by a few well-to-do residents. We’re fortunate enough to know one of the long-time inhabitants of the place, who has agreed to put us up for a couple of weeks in exchange for a little help around the house, assistance with beach party planning, pet-care, and style-tips, all of which we gladly undertake.

Natuarally, the trip will be documented here whenever there’s a development related to the profession of cartooning, as long as it doesn’t interfere in any way with our tanning schedule.

Until Next Time…



  1. Dana says:

    Dear Mr. Stevens, I loved your July 7-14 NYer contest drawing and wanted to submit a late caption entry:

    “More roadkill.”

    Hope you’re tanning and not moderating blog posts.

    Dana Tierney

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