Where Are You?…

Here’s an illustrated version of a song I wrote and now perform with The Mood, our local band here in Saint Augustine.

(Click This Link to hear a version of the song which I sang along with my computer band, The Apps:)

 Where Are You?




  1. Maggie Lynn "worst case scenario" Griggs says:

    Yo what up Fish…

    You doin’ laps lately? Natch, yeah…

    Thanks for the pool hang-time…

    Right on with the coolio cartoons…

    Miss Maggie

    … when is the band playing next and where?

  2. MStevens says:

    Yes. Still aswim, except for days when lightning and it’s friend thunder are about…

    The band, sadly, is no longer, so I only sit in here and there occasionally with some of the locals.

    Hope all your cases are best cases,


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